BeneTerra provides practical and cost effective solutions to challenging environmental issues.


We are industry leading in the development of wastewater treatment technologies.


We serve the oil & gas, waste and civil construction industries.

Welcome to BeneTerra

Welcome to, where pioneering environmental solutions meets practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Since the 1980s, our seasoned team of scientists, engineers, regulatory experts, and contractors has been at the forefront of addressing environmental challenges. Specialising in the energy, industrial, agricultural, and public sectors, we've dedicated ourselves to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to land and water issues.

At BeneTerra, we understand the complexities of environmental sustainability. It's why our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that every solution not only addresses the problem at hand but also contributes positively to the broader ecosystem.

Join us in our commitment to a healthier planet.


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Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive industry-specific land and water management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Land rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of disturbed land including ponds/dams, well pads, pipe corridors and right of ways.
Environmental civil services
Landfill cell construction, landfill cell capping & landfill cell phytocapping.
Soil science and erosion & sediment control
Certified erosion & sediment control planning, management and implementation. Soil surveying including sampling and analysis.
Industrial & produced wastewater management
BeneVap systems, bespoke water dispersal systems, passive evaporation systems, wastewater treatment and management.
Landfill leachate management
BeneVap systems, water dispersal and passive evaporation systems.
Strategic planning for produced water
Professional advice and design.

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million litres of landfill leachate permanently removed
Disturbed land sites rehabilitated
thousand tonnes of CO2-e prevented from entering atmosphere
grams of PFAS prevented from entering the environment

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    Client Testimonials

    We've found a fantastic partner in BeneTerra. The BeneVap technology has transformed our processes to treat leachate at our site. The BeneVap along with their experienced, professional, and helpful staff across all levels from senior management/engineers to the on the ground operations team, provide an invaluable part of the solution to managing leachate at our remote landfill. The results we have achieved have been vital to the environmental sustainability of our operations, and we’re looking forward to that continuing long into the future.
    Southern Waste Solutions
    Jeff Holmes Southern Waste Solutions
    "They are excellent. They are easy to deal with. They're problem solvers. I just went to them and said this is my problem and they came back and said right, we can do this, this and this.”
    Client in the Waste Industry
    "I highly value their input. If they tell me something, I believe it. And it's worked for me so far. Certainly, anything in the technical spaces and even from an execution perspective, I highly value their input to what they have to say."
    Client in the CSG Industry