Celebrating 10 years since our first dam rehabilitation project

It was 10 years ago this month – September 2013 – that BeneTerra commenced its first contract utilising our skill sets for both land rehabilitation, problem solving and wastewater treatment. There were 5 old CSG ponds, 500,000 litres of highly saline water, torn liners, high sediment loads and it was all in a remote central Queensland location.

All 5 sites were fully vegetated less than 6 months following the works. Ethel (our first BeneVap) treated the 500,000 litres of water and reduced it to around 70 tonnes of 99%+ sodium chloride salt. Everyone was hands on even our Chairman as you can see in the pictures.

10 years on with the same client and we have rehabilitated 60 ponds and we maintain 30 others. Ethel has moved out of CSG and is still operating but now lives in a landfill near Brisbane processing leachate and is a testament to the endurance of our technology.

Going through the photos from those days brought back some great memories although we aren’t sure any of us want to shovel salt or pull liners from muddy ponds by hand ever again! We have moved on and developed innovative techniques for managing these challenges that has improved the outcomes in all areas – health & safety, environment, productivity and quality.


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