Soil Science

Misunderstanding of soils often leads to neglect in the process of mining or building pipelines, roads, ponds, or well pads. Understanding soil is vital prior to planning a development or undertaking rehabilitation.

In order to understand the complexity of soil, an appropriately qualified person needs to provide management options and recommendations.
BeneTerra offers appropriately qualified staff that are Certified Professional Soil Scientists (CPSS), who offer the following services:

  • Soil surveys and mapping
  • Soil classification including sampling, analysis and interpretation
  • Land capability assessments
  • Soil managements plans
  • Land rehabilitation planning
  • Landform design and modelling
  • Erosion assessments, planning and scoping of works
  • Irrigation suitability and assessments
  • Agronomy assessments
  • Lab set up for measurement of soil field parameters and product testing
  • Expert advice

BeneTerra undertakes civil works as a Principal Contractor and has established procedures for safe excavation whilst performing soil surveys. We possess the following capability to perform soil surveys:

  • Utilise hand auger to extract soil profiles. 
  • A light rigid truck mounted mechanical soil auger (push tube) allows extraction of intact cores.
  • Use a backhoe/ excavator to dig soil pits. 
Soil scientist sampling soil
Soil scientist sampling soil
Soil scientist classifying soil types
Soil scientist classifying soil types










Soil sampling rig
BeneTerra's soil sampling rig