PFAS Mitigation

BeneTerra has developed its own range of PFAS removal technology.

This is based on the same process as used in the aquarium industry that is often referred to in this context as foam fractionation. What sets BeneTerra apart is the ability to provide small scale systems suitable for most regional landfills or small contaminated water sources. The process is able to remove up to 100% of the regulated PFAS compounds in a single stage process.

BeneTerra also has access to a variety of other technologies designed for PFAS removal in other circumstances.

BeneTerra has worked with industry leaders in the field of sampling and testing to develop PFAS compliant processes that reduce the potential for cross contamination during the investigation stage of any project.

Mobile foam fractionation
BeneTerra's mobile foam fractionation system.
Sampling BeneVap air emissions
Sampling BeneVap air emissions for PFAS and other contaminants.