Our BeneVap™ "evapoconcentrators" handle water that other technologies can't touch.

They can eliminate water that is too saline for reverse osmosis or too dirty for mechanical vapour recompression. They are used to reduce the volume or eliminate produced water from oil and gas production, landfill leachate and industrial wastes.

BeneVap™ is an adaptation of submerged combustion technology that was originally invented to melt snow piles. But our BeneVap™ machines can be used to reduce the volume of wastewater or completely eliminate it - leaving only a slurry concentrate.

A BeneVap BV300 evapoconcentrating leachate using landfill gas.
BeneVap BV300 permanently removing leachate utilising landfill gas.

It works by blowing hot gas bubbles into a liquid solution. Water vapour forms inside the bubbles and is evacuated at atmospheric pressure from the concentration vessel. The mass of solution never reaches boiling point during the process - so the concentration vessel is never pressurised.
BeneVap™ machines can be portable or placed in fixed locations for long-term service. They can be operated on a variety of fuels - natural gas, methane, propane, fuel oil or waste oil. The operating parameters can be altered for varying water quality or volume reduction targets. BeneVap™ machines are equipped with a burner control unit to ensure safe operation and a programmable logic controller to handle operational tasks. Manpower requirements are minimal as they can be remotely monitored or controlled.

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