BeneTerra Expands Landfill Services

There is a lot more to BeneTerra than many realise. In another first,  BeneTerra recently reinstalled a geotextile separation layer for a regional Queensland council landfill.  The council had previously installed the layer only to have it destroyed by one of Queensland’s famous summer storms.  We were able to arrange for the QC/QA checks on the existing replacement rolls which were a few years old and ensure there was sufficient material that met the required engineering specifications to complete the installation.  Given the expected timeline between completion of the installation and the first waste being laid in the new cell, we were able to utilise stockpiled car tyres as ballast.  The job was delivered ahead of time, on budget with no variations and importantly within the engineering specification and QA/QC requirements.

BeneTerra has a wide range of skills and expertise that covers almost any job that impacts on environmental compliance.  Separation layers and liner repairs in landfills, regulated dam structures inspections and repairs, erosion prevention and repairs, capping rehabilitation and civil works, irrigation systems, environmental monitoring are just a few of the services we provide to the landfill industry.


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