First BeneVap Goes to New Zealand

We recently delivered a refurbished BV300 to a landfill near Auckland, New Zealand. The machine known as Christine was originally built in the USA and used on some oil and gas projects there. It was first shipped to Brisbane where BeneTerra staff performed  

upgrades to meet Australia / New Zealand gas and electrical standards. The control program was also upgraded and metricised. 

BV300 headed to New Zealand

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our crew was unable to travel to New Zealand. Commissioning has been a challenge without actually being on site.  Through videos and extensive communications with their counterparts in New Zealand they succeeded. The SCADA system and a cellular  modem allow them to communicate with the control panel and track performance along with the operators on site.

Depicted here (left to right) are staff members Steve Hillsdon, Alastair Berking, Billy Dean

and Tim Woods. Both Steve, whose wife is from New Zealand, and Alastair, a New Zealand citizen, have deep connections there and are anxious to be hands on but travel restrictions have challenged their ability to provide service remotely. 


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