We assist our clients in dealing with the most difficult wastewater.

We strive to integrate the most appropriate and cost-effective  technologies.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as hauling wastewater away in a truck but really difficult waters typically require more complex solutions.

 We developed our BeneVap line of “evapoconcentrators” to handle wastewater that is not easily treated or recovered for beneficial use.

Examples of which are:

  • Brine concentrates from reverse osmosis or ion exchange processes
  • Produced water from certain oil and gas wells
  • Hide processing water from meat packing plants
  • Mine tailings ponds

We have both portable and fixed BeneVap units. They are sometimes associated with a water purification process such as depicted here. There  produced water is drawn from a pond, passed through a reverse osmosis plant. The recoverable permeate from reverse osmosis was used for beneficial purposes and then handed off to the BeneVap machine for volume reduction. The evapoconcentrator can reduce the briny volume to minimize disposal volume or it can be reduced to a saline slurry.

Dewatering with RO & EvC - BeneVap evapoconcentrators BeneTerra

Dewatering remote coal seam gas pond and hauling concentrated brine to brine pond – technology used was microfiltration, reverse osmosis and evapoconcentrator


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