Landfill Leachate

BeneVap for Landfill Leachate

BeneTerra offers both fixed and mobile Benevap evapoconcentrators for landfill leachate treatment. These machines burn landfill gas and some can also utilise diesel fuel.

BeneVap machines are available for purchase or lease.

  • Reduce leachate volume by over 90%
  • Utilise landfill gas (claim carbon credits)
  • Pre-treat leachate for trade waste disposal
    • Remove 95% of ammonia content
    • Disinfect leachate
  • Reduce heavy metals, VOC’s PAH’s and VFA’s
  • Available in 25 kL/day or 50 kL/day capabilities
  • Autonomous operating with remote monitoring
  • No pre or post treatement processes required
  • No membranes, no filts, no pressure vessels

How BeneVap Works

BeneVap uses submerged combustion technologogy. It burns landfill gas or diesel fuel and forces the hot combustion gas into direct contact with the leachate. This vaporises the leachate sending water vapour out of the exhaust leaving behind a small fraction of the original volume. The concentrate can be placed back into the landfill. Sometimes it is bulked with stabilising agents like lime or fly ash to tie up additional metals. The BeneVap process drives off most of the ammonia and the heat kills microbes making it more suitable to wastewater plants.