Dodge City Wastewater Recycling Project

Service provided:  Dispersal of mixed municipal and industrial wastewater
Location:  Dodge City, Kansas USA
Daily capacity:  107,100 barrels/day [17 ML/d] [4.5 Mgal/d]
Project start date:  1986
Area developed:  2,770 acres [1,121 ha]
Water quality:  EC = 2300 μS/cm, SAR = 6
Crops produced:  corn, alfalfa/lucerne, soybeans, sorghum

BeneTerra principals have operated and maintained the wastewater dispersal system for Dodge City, Kansas since 1986. The project annually receives and beneficially uses over 1.6 billion gallons of municipal and industrial wastewater for crop production activities. The water undergoes anaerobic and aerobic treatment before it is dispersed over 2,770 acres of crop land through 30 centre-pivot sprinklers. Through skillful management thousands of tons of crops have been produced and the land remains in good condition after three decades of operation.