BeneTerra welcomes two new soil scientists

During Jason Choong’s second year of university he became interested in a soil science course that consisted of practical components and field work where he could be hands on working with soil profiles. He flourished under the mentorship of his honours professor. Now a graduate soil scientist, Jason feels that environmental stewardship is meaningful and important but often overlooked. He signed on because his honours project mirrored what BeneTerra puts into practice. He attained a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, with Honours, from the University of Queensland. His thesis focused on the Effect of basalt soil amendment on soil properties and plant growth. When he’s not researching or working, he enjoys a game of social badminton.

Along with his background working in environmental management, Calvin Leech has submitted his PhD in Soil Science with a Thesis that focuses on bio remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminated soils using a composting process. The PAH compounds are generated during incomplete combustion materials such as coal and some of these PAHS are U.S EPA priority listed pollutants due to being known or potential cancer-causing compounds. During the study he determined the major limitations for the composting remediation strategy and implications for remediation of PAH contaminated MGP soils. Calvin has a Bachelor of Resource Management from the University of New England and is a PhD candidate in soil pollution research. He joined BeneTerra because of the unique opportunity to conduct applied soil science across a range of industries. In his free time, he likes to compose music, ride his mountain bike and play hockey.


Jason Choong


Calvin Leech



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