What we do

What we do



BV300 fixed site



Industrial and produced wastewater 

We handle difficult wastewaters and do our best to find a beneficial use. But sometimes we just have to make it go away using the best science and technology available.   READ MORE »

Wastewater irrigation

 We specialize in the beneficial use of wastewater.  Our principals have been finding ways to put wastewater to better use for over 30 years.   READ MORE »


Some water just needs to be moved or removed. We have equipment to eliminate some of the most difficult to handle water from sites. READ MORE »

Water management strategy consulting

We provide consulting services to customers developing strategies for management and distribution of wastewater  READ MORE »

 disc RH01

Disturbed land rehabilitation

We restore landscapes that have been altered by man’s activities   READ MORE »






“Of particular note are BeneTerra’s achievements in:

  • delivery of dam projects on time and at least 25% below budget
  • an exceptional safety record with strong documentation
  • identification of practical environmental solutions
  • active engagement with open and transparent execution of projects

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to recognise this excellence …”